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Save on Your Car Insurance


$50 Gift Card or Discount Giveaway:

Receive a $50 Gift Card After Successfully Purchasing a Comprehensive Insurance Policy Through Fits All Finance!


Choose a $50 Discount off of your Insurance Premium


*Usable at various supermarkets and major retailers 

Motor Vehicle Warranty

No Excess on Claims, Unlimited Km's

4 & 5 Star Warranty Protection

Cover for over 4000 car components

Coverage to suit you and your vehicle. 


Cover Yourself with Motor Warranty! *Varying options available to suit needs/requirments

Get More Options on Your Car & Personal Loans

"Buy Me My Car"

Let us find a car for you based on your preferences and skip hassling with the dealership salesman! We will also take care of your car loan and Insurance!

Personal Loans

Get In touch with us for a Personal Loan!

Business Car Loans

Get In touch with us for a Business Car Loan!

Secured Car Loans

Fixed-Rate Car Loans, Lenders will hold security over the vehicle. Usually Low Interest rate loans:

Second Chance/Bad Credit Car Loans

Unsure about your credit? Keep getting declined for car or personal loans? Contact us for assistance:

Personal & Car Loan Calculators:

Learn More About Our Loan Products!


Maintain that brand new car feeling with our cosmetic services


Scratch & Dent repair services 

Fits All Finance Education Center

We understand that it can be a mine field attempting to navigate all the jargon, varying reasons for loan outcomes, policy increases. Here, at Fits All Finance, we believe knowledge is power, so we like to assist where we can, through our Education Centre. 


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